Jerusalem Walking Tours
Guided tours of Jerusalem and Israel
in English, French, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Hebrew

...its ways are ways of pleasantness and all its paths are peace (Proverbs 3:17)

Bente Jonas has worked as a licensed guide for more than 30 years, taking private family tours, bus groups and Jewish and Christian groups. She was born in Denmark and immigrated to Israel in 1969.  

General Information
Tours operate on weekdays, Sunday through Friday, not on Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Some tours will not operate on Sundays or Fridays, according to the opening hours of the sites visited.

The tours are suitable for people who can walk for three hours. For families with children, please note that there are many steps in the Old City.

Bring water, comfortable shoes, hats, sunglasses and cameras as desired.

Modest dress is required on all tours where we visit holy places, as follows: long pants for men, long pants or skirt below the knee for women; shirts with sleeves to the elbow for men and women; hats for men in holy Jewish sites.

For all tours, the maximum number of participants is 20 people, and entrance fees and transportation are not included in the price.

Group fee for walking tours: $20 per person (minimum fee $100) Duration of tours: about 3 hours

Group fee for full day tours: $100 per person (minimum fee $400) Duration of tours 8-10 hours.

Please note that on two and three day tours, client must pay for all meals and hotels for the guide and driver.