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Tour 7: Tower of David and Yemin Moshe

In the Tower of David museum, we will walk through the history of Jerusalem from Abraham via King David and Solomon, through the Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Muslim and Crusader times up to our modern days.

We will understand how Jerusalem grew from a tiny village to the Capital of Israel through models, holograms, films, and views from the tower.

Some pictures courtesy of Israel Ministry of Tourism

Tower of Davidthe Tower of David
Tower of Davidtower of david
Yemin Mosheyemin moshe
Yemin Moshemishkenot
Inside the Tower of Davidinside the tower of david
Statue of David with Goliath's headstatue of david
These ancient openings were used by Jordanian snipers against Jewish soldierssniper view
The Temple Mount from the Tower of Davidinside the tower of david
Bente Yonas Bente Yonas