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Tour 6: Temple Mount-Mount Moriah

We will start our tour through the bazaar to a roof-top view of the Temple Mount.

We will continue through the Jewish quarter to the Western Wall for a short visit , after which we will go up to the Temple Mount.

Entrance to the Temple Mount is only at very specific hours and does not include entrance to the El Aksa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

We will walk around and discuss the history of the site and the significance of the Temple Mount to the three religions. (Do not bring bibles or wear any religious symbols; modest dress please).

the Cardothe Cardo
Bazaar on the way to the Kotelbazaar
Cardo Mallleaving the old city
Jewish Quarter PlazaJewish Quarter Plaza
Kotel and Dome of the Rockkotel and dome of the rock
Mosque of Omarthe old city wall
Bente Yonas Bente Yonas
Some pictures courtesy of Israel Ministry of Tourism