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Tour 3: City of David Excavations

Where it all began.

Three thousand years ago, King David decided to establish his capital on a little hill in the Judean Mountains and since then Jerusalem has been considered the capital of the Jewish people.

We will visit the new excavations of King David's Palace, Warren's Shaft, the ancient water system and the Gihon spring.

During the summer months, we will walk through Hezekiah's tunnel to the Pool of Siloam. (A 30-minute walk in water up above the knees. Bring appropriate shoes, clothes and a flash-light. Not suitable for children under 7).
City of David EntranceCity of David entrance
City of DavidZion Gate
Another View of the City of DavidAnother View of the City of David
David's PalaceDavid's Palace
Warren's ShaftWarren's Shaft
Looking Down Warren's ShaftWarren's Shaft
Ancient Water SystemAncient Water System
Gihon SpringGihon spring
Gihon SpringGihon spring
Siloam Poolshiloach
Hezekiah's Tunnel at SiloamHezekiah's Tunnel at Siloam
Hezekiah's TunnelHezekiah's Tunnel
Hezekiah's TunnelHezekiah's Tunnel
Bente Yonas Bente Yonas